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Major Events of the 19th Century


The 19th century was a time of astounding historical events, from elections that shaped America to disasters that shocked the world to advances in transportation, science, and engineering.
  1. American Political Events
  2. Timelines of the 19th Century
  3. Notorious Crimes
  1. Disasters
  2. Transportation Milestones
  3. 19th Century Holidays

American Political Events

Enormously important political events transformed America throughout the 19th century. The election of 1800 resulted in a Constitutional crisis, and other elections were hotly contested and widely considered fraudulent. Political conventions began, political parties came and went, and some great men were elected.

Timelines of the 19th Century

Steamship Columbia

Familiarize yourself with major events of the 1800s by scanning timelines of each decade.

Notorious Crimes

The 1800s weren't so quaint. There were enough murders, swindles, duels, and riots to keep people talking and writing for a very long time.


The 19th century was a time of great progress, but it was also marked by disasters that could not be predicted and were often barely understood at the time.

Transportation Milestones

In 1800, people traveled as they always had, on foot or on horseback, and ships crossed the oceans powered only by the wind. By 1900 steamships circled the globe, locomotives crossed continents, and bridges spanned great rivers.

19th Century Holidays

Christmas Tree at Windsor Palace

Holidays as we know them developed in the 1800s. Christmas became a major celebration, Valentine cards became a bad, and the St. Patrick's Day Parade started marching up Fifth Avenue in New York City.

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