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Disaster On the Brooklyn Bridge

Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge took 14 years to build and when it opened it was the engineering marvel of its time. A week after the celebrations of its opening, a tragic disaster occurred when a crowd on the bridge panicked.

The Brooklyn Bridge
19th Century History Spotlight10

Barbecue and Politics In the 19th Century

The American tradition of mixing barbecue and politics has strong roots in the 1800s.

Horace Greeley Prodded Lincoln

Legendary editor Horace Greeley sharply criticized President Abraham Lincoln over the issue of slavery.

Abbottabad Named for British Officer

Abbottabad, the hideout of Osama Bin Laden, was named for a fascinating 19th century British officer, Sir James Abbott.

First Crossing of the Brooklyn Bridge

The first crossing of the Brooklyn Bridge, by an engineer dangling from a cable, happened at about the halfway point of the bridge's construction.

Sinking of the Steamship Lexington

The burning and sinking of the steamship Lexington in Long Island Sound was a shocking disaster in January 1840.

Steve Brodie and the Brooklyn Bridge

Steve Brodie's famous 1886 leap from the Brooklyn Bridge may never have happened, but that really didn't matter.

Financier Russell Sage Attacked

Financier Russell Sage was nearly killed in 1891 when a dynamite bomb exploded in his Manhattan office.

Frederick Douglass and the Fourth of July

An eloquent 1852 speech by Frederick Douglass asked what the meaning of July 4th could be for the American slave.

Election of 1860 Brought Abraham Lincoln to the White House

Lincoln's political skills brought him to the White House in one of the most important elections in American history.

Six Facts to Know About Queen Victoria

These six facts about Queen Victoria may change the way you think about the woman whose name defined the 19th Century.

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