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Politics of the 19th Century


The 19th century was a rough and tumble time for politics, and its influence endures. So much of our current political system is still deeply rooted in the turmoil of the 1800s.
  1. Things to Know
  2. Significant Elections
  3. Political Giants
  4. Issues and Controversies
  5. Early Presidents

Things to Know

The 19th century set many precedents in American politics and also brought lots of new terminology into the language.

Significant Elections

The major elections of the 1800s changed the political landscape at the time and still resonate today.

Political Giants

The figures who dominated politics in the 19th century.

Issues and Controversies

In America's political landscape of the 19th century, major issues included issues of federal power, going to war, the rights of workers, and, towering over all else, the issue of slavery.

Early Presidents

The earliest presidents set the tone for politics throughout the 19th century and created precedents followed by all the nation's later chief executives.

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