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Major Figures

An impressive array of leaders, heroes, villains, and thinkers defined the 1800s. Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Victoria, and President Lincoln exerted profound influence. Samuel Morse, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell forever changed the world. And unique voices, such as Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, and Phineas T. Barnum, dazzled the world with storytelling, wit, and showmanship.
  1. American Originals (31)
  2. American Political Figures (17)
  3. Innovators (8)
  4. Leaders (94)
  5. Presidential Campaigns (17)

Famous Duels of the 19th Century
In the 1800s arguments and personal slights often led to the characters involved picking up pistols and shooting them at each other in the ritual of a duel. Having a duel was almost always illegal, but going to the field of honor and settling disputes was judged to be something that gentlemen did.

Politics of the 19th Century

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