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The 1800s saw an amazing collection of leaders stride across the world stage. And the spread of news by telegraph and the advent of photography made national leaders known to their citizens as never before.
  1. Abraham Lincoln (39)
  2. American Presidents (34)
  3. Giuseppe Garibaldi (5)

Prince Albert, Husband of Queen Victoria
Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria of Britain, was a German prince who came to wield great influence on British society. His untimely death in 1861 devastated Queen Victoria, who wore mourning clothes for the rest of her life.

Shawnee Chief Tecumseh Created a Confederation to Oppose White Encroachment
The Indian chief Tecumseh led a confederation of Indian tribes against encroachment by whites upon Indian lands in what is now Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. His conflict with William Henry Harrison became a frontier legend, and after his death in the War of 1812 he was a respected figure in both the Indian and white cultures.

William Ewart Gladstone - Biography of British Prime William Ewart Gladstone
William Ewart Gladstone was the leading British statesman of the Victorian era and served as Britain's prime minister four times. Gladstone held positions in the government from the 1830s to the 1890s, and was known for his oratory as well as deeply held convictions which were quite progressive for his time.

Book Review: The President's House by William Seale
The President's House by William Seale is a comprehensive history of the White House. This review discusses the two-volume second edition, which contains the full story of the White House from its planning during the presidency of George Washington, to its construction and constant renovation and repair.

John Tyler, First Vice President to Suddenly Replace a President
The office of the vice presidency was considered a minor job with few clearly defined duties. But in 1841 the job became important when William Henry Harrison died after a month in office and John Tyler became the first vice president to ascend to the presidency upon the death of a president.

Charles Stewart Parnell, Irish Political Leader of the Late 1800s
Charles Stewart Parnell was one of the most remarkable figures in Irish politics in the 19th century. He was from a wealthy Protestant family yet became a hero to the oppressed Catholics. Elected to the British Parliament, he showed great brilliance, and was eventually brought down by personal scandal.

Digital Bookshelf: John and Abigail Adams
Readers in the 1800s were fascinated by John and Abigail Adams as well as their son John Quincy Adams. Here is a selection of classic books which can be read online or downloaded to your hard drive.

Daniel O'Connell of Ireland, The Liberator
Read a brief biography of Daniel O'Connell, "The Liberator," who fought tirelessly for the rights of the Irish oppressed by British rule in the early 1800s.

Otto von Bismarck, the Iron Chancellor
The great Prussian diplomat and political strategist Otto von Bismarck provoked several wars while engaging in his life's work of unifying Germany in the late 1800s. The "Iron Chancellor" essentially led Germany for decades, and was one of the most influential figures of the 19th century.

New Year's Day Receptions at the White House
For well over a century, New Year's Day was marked by a public reception at the White House. Diplomats and dignitaries were invited, but so was the general public. Anyone and everyone could wait on line, enter the executive mansion, and shake the hand of the president.

Victoria, The Queen Who Defined an Age
Queen Victoria ruled Great Britain for six decades, and her life in some ways defined the 1800s.

Six Facts to Know About Queen Victoria

Henry Clay, the Most Powerful American Politician Who Was Never President
Henry Clay was perhaps the most powerful American who never served as President of the United States, though he ran for the office several times....

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