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Industry and Invention

Modern industry emerged in the 19th Century thanks to such innovations as steam power, steel production, textile mills, and mass production based on the principles of inventor Eli Whitney. The whaling industry boomed for a time, and pumping oil from the ground became a colossal new business. People rushed to mine gold and copper, and banking powerhouses rose to prominence.
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Britain's Great Exhibition of 1851 Was a Milestone in Technology
Britain's Great Exhibition of 1851 assembled technology from around the world in London. Learn about the great show organized by Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's scientifically minded husband.

Electric Lights Illuminate Christmas
The introduction of electric Christmas lights in the 1880s was due to Edward Johnson, a friend and business associate of Thomas Edison. Johnson's family Christmas tree was the first to feature electric lights, and newspapers of the day marveled over his innovation.

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