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March 2013 Funeral For Sailors From USS Monitor

Remains of Civil War Sailors Were Located in Wreck of Historic Ironclad


When the turret of the Civil War ironclad USS Monitor was raised by divers in 2002, a grim discovery was made: the remains who two sailors who died when the ship sank in 1862.

The U.S. Navy transferred the remains to a military morgue in Hawaii, where scientists attempted to use modern technology to identify the men. Though much was learned about the men and how they lived, their identity remains a mystery.

To coincide with the anniversary of the Battle of Hampton Roads on March 9, 1862, when the Monitor fought the Confederate ironclad USS Virginia, a military funeral for the two sailors from the Monitor was held at Arlington National Cemetery on March 8, 2013.

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Officers of USS Monitor on its deck in the summer of 1862.Officers Aboard USS Monitor in 1862Facial reconstruction of sailors found in wreckage of USS Monitor.What the Sailors Looked LikeU.S. Navy Honor Guard receiving the coffins at Dulles Airport.The Coffins Arrived By AirU.S. Navy Honor Guard carried the remains of a sailor from the Monitor to a waiting hearse.Honor Guard at the Airport
A Navy Honor Guard carryied the coffins of sailors from USS Monitor.Arrival at ArlingtonA coffin of one of the Monitor crewmen at the memorial service.Flag-Draped CoffinSecretary of the Navy Mabus spoke at the memorial service for the sailors of the Monitor.Navy Secretary at Memorial ServiceThe Honor Guard placed the coffins on horse-drawn caissons.Honor Guard and Caissons
Honor Guard marching behind the caissons carrying the sailors from USS Monitor.Marching Behind CaissonsNavy Honor Guard at the graves of sailors from USS Monitor.Honor Guard at the GravesCivil War reenactor saluted at the funeral for the sailors of USS Monitor.Salute By ReenactorCivil War enthusiasts in period garb attended the funeral for the Monitor crewmen.Spectators In Period Dress
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