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Envelopes With Patriotic Images Were Popular During the Civil War

Images Sent Through the Mail Were the Bumper Stickers of the Period


During the Civil War patriotic feeling ran high in the North, and many citizens showed their feelings by using envelopes printed with pictures and slogans expressing support for the Union cause.

These envelopes, were, in a sense, the bumper stickers of the Civil War era.

The patriotic envelopes shown here are now in the collection of the Library of Congress.

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Col. Elmer EllsworthColonel Elmer EllsworthCorporal Francis Brownell shooting James JacksonThe Killing of EllsworthA soldier in a Zouave uniform.Zouave Passing Through BaltimoreA Zouave modeled on EllsworthA Zouave Holding the Flag
Columbia and the White HouseColumbia and the White HouseColumbia and the Massachusetts state sealMassachusetts For the UnionColumbia and the seal of MarylandMaryland's Loyalty ExpressedPresident Lincoln on a Civil War EnvelopeSupport for Lincoln
The Union eagle attacks the Confederate snakeAmerican Eagle Attacks ConfederacyThe traitor's flagDoom of the TraitorA sailor defends the flagA Sailor Defending the American FlagA poem about leaving homeGirl I Left Behind Me

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