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The Brooklyn Bridge was a Fascinating Sight While Being Built

Historic Images Document the Construction of the World's Most Famous Bridge


The Brooklyn Bridge has always been an icon. When its massive stone towers began rising in the early 1870s, photographers and illustrators began documenting what was considered the most daring and astounding engineering feat of the era.

Throughout the years of construction, skeptical newspaper editorials openly questioned whether the project was a colossal folly. Yet the public was always fascinated by the scale of the project, the courage and dedication of the men building it, and the magnificent sight of stone and steel rising high above the East River.

In this gallery are some stunning images created during the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.

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John Augustus RoeblingJohn Augustus Roebling, Designer of the Brooklyn BridgeRoebling's Great Dream for the World's Largest BridgeCaisson Under the Brooklyn BridgeMen Labored in Horrendous Conditions in the Caissons Under the Brooklyn BridgeTowers of the Brooklyn BridgeThe Brooklyn Bridge Under Construction
Brooklyn Bridge's FootbridgeThe Brooklyn Bridge's Temporary Footbridge Fascinated the PublicThe Brooklyn Bridge FootbridgeStepping Onto the Temporary Footbridge of the Brooklyn Bridge Took NerveAnchorage of the Brooklyn BridgeGigantic Anchorage Structures Held the Four Massive Suspension CablesWrapping the CablesConstructing the Cables on the Brooklyn Bridge was Exacting and Perilous
Opening of the Brooklyn Bridge CelebratedThe Opening of the Brooklyn Bridge Was a Time of Great CelebrationThe Great East River BridgeLithograph of the Great East River BridgeStrollers on the Broolyn BridgeStrolling On the Brooklyn Bridge's Pedestrian WalkwayBrooklyn Bridge in AdvertisingThe Sucess of the Great Bridge Made It a Popular Image in Advertisements
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