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Images of Charles Dickens, the Great Victorian Novelist


Charles Dickens, who was born on February 7, 1812, overcame a childhood of hardship to become the most popular Victorian novelist. His books sold in vast numbers on both sides of the Atlantic, and he was one of the most famous people on earth.

These images depict the life of Charles Dickens as well as commemorations held on the 200th anniversary of his birth, February 7, 2012.

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Charles Dickens in 1839Charles Dickens as a Young AuthorFrontispiece for Sketches By BozYoung Dickens Used a Pen NameDickens at his writing desk.Dickens At His Writing DeskScrooge's Third VisitorEbeneezer Scrooge
Charles Dickens in Middle AgeNew Yorkers purchasing tickets to see Charles Dickens.Selling Tickets for DickensCharles Dickens reading onstageCharles Dickens Reading OnstageCharles Dickens in his later years, at his desk.Dickens In His Study
Gillian Anderson holding a rare Dickens editionGillian Anderson and Prince CharlesCommemorating Charles Dickens at his graveDickens Commemoration at Westminster AbbeyPrince Charles at the grave of Charles DickensPrince Charles Paid Tribute to DickensDickens family members placed flowers on his graveDescendants of Charles Dickens at His Grave

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