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Classic Lincoln Portraits


Abraham Lincoln was a talented politician who recognized the value of the new medium of photography. And during his political career he would make a point of taking time to pose for photographers. About 130 photographic portraits of Lincoln exist.

Some Lincoln portraits have become iconic, and the poses held in studios are how we visualize him. And some of the images of Lincoln are simply part of everyday life, as they have appeared for many years on coins and paper money.

This gallery of rare images from the Library of Congress contains some of the most significant photographic portraits of Abraham Lincoln.

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Daguerreotype of Abraham Lincoln taken in Springfield, Illionis in 1846.First Photo of LincolnAbraham Lincoln photographed in 1857 in Chicago, Illinois.In the Late 1850sAbraham Lincoln portrait by Alexander Hesler1860 Portrait by Alexander HeslerLincoln portrait shot by Alexander HeslerLincoln Portrait by Alexander Hesler
Abraham Lincoln by Preston Butler, August 13, 1860Lincoln by Preston Butler, August 1860Lincoln in February 1861, by Christopher Smith GermanLast Portrait In IllinoisLincoln by Alexander Gardner, August 9, 1863Lincoln at Gardner's New StudioLincoln by Alexander Gardner, November 1863The "Gettysburg Portrait"
Abraham and Tad Lincoln, photographed by Anthony BergerAbraham and Tad LincolnLincoln in a seated portrait taken at Brady's studio in 1864The Five-Dollar Bill PortraitLincoln profile taken by Anthony Berger at Brady's studio, 1864The Penny Profile PortraitLincoln by Alexander Gardner, February 1865Portrait Showing Strains of War
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