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Images of Abraham Lincoln's Funeral Portrayed the Profound Grief of a Nation


Abraham Lincoln's funeral, a very public affair conducted in numerous places, enabled millions of Americans to share moments of profound grief following his shocking assassination at Ford's Theater in April 1865.

Lincoln's body was carried back to Illinois by train, and along the way funeral observances were held in American cities. These vintage images depict events as Americans mourned their murdered president.

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Funeral car used to transport Lincoln's body in Washington.The Funeral CarriageSoldiers in Lincoln's funeral procession on Pennsylvania Avenue.Pennsylvania Avenue ProcessionLocomotive used to pull Lincoln's funeral train.Funeral Train LocomotiveRailroad car used in Lincoln's funeral.The Funeral Railroad Car
Hearse used in Lincoln's funeral in Philadelphia.The Philadelphia HearseLincoln funeral at New York City HallThe Nation MournsLincoln's body lay in state at New York's City HallLincoln Lay in State at City HallLincoln's funeral procession leaving New York's City Hall.Lincoln's Funeral Leaving City Hall
Lincoln's funeral on Broadway in New York CityProcession On BroadwayLincoln funeral procession in Union Square in New York CityFuneral at Union SquareLincoln's funeral procession in Columbus, OhioProcession in OhioLincoln's funeral in Springfield, IllinoisThe Funeral In Springfield
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