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Did a Slave Rebellion in Haiti Help the United States Double In Size?
Yes. A slave rebellion in Haiti in the late 1700s had repercussions which resulted in the United States buying the Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803.
John Brown and His Raid on Harpers Ferry - 19th Century History
There had been slave uprisings before, most notably the one led by the slave Nat Turner in Virginia in 1831. Turner's rebellion resulted in the deaths of 60 ...
Slavery in 19th Century America - Overview - 19th Century History
The abolitionist firebrand John Brown attacked pro-slavery settlers in Kansas in 1856, and three years later he attempted to foment a slave rebellion by seizing ...
Spartacus the Gladiator and the Slave Revolt
The revolt of the slaves led by Spartacus the gladiator put a strain on Rome, but built up the heroic legend about its leader. Learn about the Roman failed ...
The Stono Rebellion in Colonial America - African-American History
The Stono Rebellion was the largest rebellion mounted by slaves against slave owners in colonial America. The Stono Rebellion's location was near the Stono ...
Slave Revolts in the United States - Race Relations
Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey and Gabriel Prosser are among the African Americans who planned the most famous slave rebellions in North America.
Slave Revolts in Ancient Italy (One Led by Spartacus)
There were three major slave revolts in Italy between 140 and 70 B.C. - two in Sicily, one led by Spartacus. These uprisings are called the Servile Wars.
Nat Turner's Rebellion: Brief Background - African-American History
Who? Nat Turner was a 30-year-old slave and a preacher who led a rebellion after receiving what he believed to be a sign from God. When? Nat Turner's ...
How Did Slaves Resist Slavery?
Slave Rebellions. The Stono Rebellion in 1739, Gabriel Prossey's conspiracy in 1800, Denmark Vesey's plot in 1822 and Nat Turner's Rebellion in 1831 are the ...
Who Was the Leader of an Early Roman Slave Revolt in Sicily
Information on the identity of the leader of an early Sicilian slave revolt.
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