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The Know-Nothing Party Opposed Immigration to America
Of all the American political parties in the 19th century, perhaps none generated more controversy than the Know-Nothing Party, or the Know-Nothings. Officially ...
Extinct Political Parties of the 1800s - 19th Century History - About.com
But the party splintered, mainly over the issue of slavery. Some Whigs joined the Know-Nothing Party, and others, most notably Abraham Lincoln, joined the new ...
Millard Fillmore | Facts and Brief Biography - 19th Century History
Fillmore, in 1856, after the Whig Party had essentially fallen apart, ran for president again as the candidate of the Know-Nothing Party. His campaign was ...
Tea Party Myths -- Is the Tea Party a Sustainable Movement?
The most common word used by political pundits to describe the Tea Party movement ... of the mid-nineteenth century known as the "Know Nothing" movement.
Election of 1860: Lincoln Won at Time of National Crisis
The Republican Party held its 1860 convention later that May in Chicago, ... mainly disaffected former Whigs and members of the Know-Nothing Party, formed  ...
Definition of Chinese Exclusion Act - 19th Century History - About.com
Jun 18, 2012 ... Though ostensibly a political party, similar to the Know-Nothing Party of earlier decades, it also functioned as an effective pressure group ...
Historic Timeline From 1850 to 1860
February: The Know-Nothing Party holds a convention and nominates former president Millard Fillmore as its presidential candidate. May 22: Senator Charles  ...
Founding of the Republican Party - 19th Century History - About.com
The founding of the Republican party occurred in the mid-1850s, sparked by ... who ran a disastrous campaign as the candidate of the Know-Nothing Party.
Zachary Taylor: Significant Facts and Brief Biography
The important facts to know about Zachary Taylor, hero of the Mexican War who served a ... Supported by: Taylor was supported by the Whig Party in his run for ...
James Buchanan | Facts and Brief Biography - 19th Century History
Later, during his one presidential run, he was opposed by the Know-Nothing Party (which was disappearing) and the Republican Party (which was new to the  ...
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