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Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address Was the Best of the ...
Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address has been called his greatest speech. That is extremely high praise when you consider other contenders, such as ...
Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address - Description
Abraham Lincoln delivered his first inaugural address on March 4, 1861, as the nation was literally coming apart. Several southern states had already ...
The Five Worst Inaugural Address of the 1800s
Standing at the podium only four years after Lincoln's second inaugural address, Ulysses S. Grant may have had an impossible act to follow. Lincoln's speech is ...
The Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy - Grammar & Composition
John Kennedy's inaugural address is one of the most memorable political speeches of the past century. The young president's reliance on biblical quotations, ...
Abraham Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Address
Many people consider his second Inaugural Address to be Lincoln's greatest speech. Read it yourself here.
John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address - About US Foreign Policy
John F. Kennedy's inaugural address was dominated by foreign policy, from maintaining containment to lessening the fear of atomic warfare.
William Henry Harrison Gave the Worst Inaugural Address
American presidents delivered brilliant inaugural addresses in the 1800s, but some presidents ... Herewith the five worst inaugural address of the 19th century.
Presidents Inaugural Address - Presidential Inauguration Inaugural ...
After taking the oath of office, the president delivers an inaugural address. The shortest inaugural address was delivered by George Washington in 1793.
George Washington's Second Inaugural Address
On March 4, 1793, George Washington gave his second inaugural address. It remains the shortest inaugural address in history with only 135 words.
Andrew Jackson's Inaugural Address Marked a New Era in ...
Some of the best inaugural addresses in American history were delivered in the ... Andrew Jackson, whose first inaugural address signified a change in America.
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